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Pueblo Chemical Depot

The United States has maintained a stockpile of chemical munitions since the 1950’s at The U.S Army Pueblo Chemical Depot (PCD), located east of Pueblo. It is one of the seven original nationwide chemical stockpile storage locations. PCD stores 2.611 tons of mustard agent. Mustard agent is a blister-causing chemical. It is similar in color and consistency to molasses. 

The mustard agent is stored in several hundred thousand projectiles and mortar rounds. These steel munitions are stored in earth-covered structures in the chemical storage section of the depot. The stockpile is secures and the area is patrolled 24 hours a day.

Until the entire stockpile is destroyed, protection must be provided to the public and the environment that surround each stockpile site. The Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) is a federally funded program of the local, state, Army, and federal agencies to enhance emergency preparedness in areas near stockpile sites including the Pueblo Chemical Depot.

Agencies in CSEPP communities continuously work together to improve their plans to protect you. A function of emergency planning is the identification of areas that could be affected by and emergency. The areas that surround PCD are divided into Emergency Planning Zones call the Immediate Response Zone (IRZ) and Protective Action Zone (PRZ).