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City of Pueblo

The city of Pueblo is outside of the Emergency Preparedness Zones of the CSEPP Zones. These zones are designed to offer maximum protection to the residents near enough to the  U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot to be at risk should there be an accident involving the chemical weapons stored there.

The zones end east of the city limits of Pueblo because even a large accident involving mustard agent stored on post will not post a health or safety risk to city residents?  How do officials know this?  The Army and Pueblo County both use "plume modeling" that allows us to design worst case scenarios and watch the evolution of that scenario to identify what neighborhoods need to take action given the situations created.  Based on that modeling, it is clear that the city of Pueblo will remain safe in the event of a chemical based accident on post.  It is likely that, should an accident ever occur, the city will host a shelter and decontamination sites to those citizens impacted by the event.

To the left is a landmark of the town of Pueblo.  The Evraz Steel Mill, formerly known as CF&I.  For decades it was a primary employer of Pueblo.  This picture is featured in the 2014 Emergency Preparedness Calendar that CSEPP provides to the citizen's in the zones.  It is full of emergency preparedness information for, not only a chemical accident at the US Army Pueblo Chemical Depot, but weather emergencies as well. 

One benefit of having the Pueblo Chemical Depot inside Pueblo County is, the training and equipping the federal funding provides to our response community.  The annual CSEPP Exercise is often held inside the city of Pueblo so first responders can practice working together on a large scale event.