Technology Works for YOU in an emergency!

posted May 28, 2014, 11:00 AM by Pueblo RCN
May is the third and final month for the most recent installment in the PreparePueblo Emergency Preparedness Campaign.  We are encouraging people to use technology to make a difference in their readiness.  Perhaps the most important step is the simplest.  Register your cell phone for an emergency by visiting!  For this message, we took out billboards and radio spots encouraging Colorado Citizens to visit  Have YOU?  If you click Pueblo from their homepage, you will be redirected to and then you are only a couple of steps from getting emergency notifications from our 911 centers if there is a community or even just a neighborhood emergency near you.  

Other ways you can make technology work FOR you in a disaster?  Social media is a big one.  Local emergency agencies like the Pueblo County Emergency Services Bureau and the Pueblo Police Department have Facebook and Twitter accounts they will use during a disaster to share important information and updates.  You can create a text group for you family too, technology can help reunite you if you are separated in a crisis.  

Even if there isn't a large scale emergency, a cell phone can be a lifeline in a personal emergency.  If you are unconscious and alone, first responders often check your cell phone for an 'ICE" or In Case of Emergency Contact.  That person can rely your hospital preference, your medical history, and help make critical decisions for you.  

Take advantage of technology today!  
1. Create your ICE contacts.
2. Register @ 
3. Follow Pueblo County Sheriff's Office on Facebook and Twitter.
4. Create a family group text (be sure to include an out of town contact!).
5. Can you think of more ways?  Tweet us now @ preparepueblo