Do You Know Your Zone?

posted Jun 24, 2016, 10:13 AM by Pueblo RCN
The second push in the CSEPP Prepare Pueblo campaign is an important one for people living in and around the CSEPP Emergency Preparedness Zones.  This quarter the message isKNOW. Do You Know Your Zone, it replaces the first message of the Prepare Pueblo, Talk.      Emergencies can Happen Anytime.

CSEPP decided to make the most of this campaign by not only reaching out to those citizens and letting them know, there is NO RISK to them but also to remind the citizens inside the zones to make sure they know which zone they in, and what the best actions are to take should they need to evacuate or shelter during an accident.

For decades, the communities around the U.S Army Pueblo Chemical Depot have been contacted at community events, door to door, and through direct mail letting them know they have special emergency preparedness opportunities and information offered to them since they are inside the emergency preparedness zones.  What CSEPP officials have found over the years is, while people in the zones are aware of the risk and what measures they should take in the remote chance of an accident on post, the citizens in nearby Pueblo, Colorado were unaware those same risks didn't extend beyond those "zone boundaries".  When surveyed the citizens inside the city limits of Pueblo say they might have to take protective action if something were to happen on post, some even saying they will head toward the Depot to learn what to do

CSEPP zones are based off of risk and "plume modeling".  If you have questions about your zone or why your home is outside the zones, call us.  The best part of emergency preparedness is, the risks may be different but the actions you take to protect yourself and your family are often the same.  We'd love to share some emergency planning tips with you!